(1) The IPA web site [] is the official medium for communication of information to Members and to the world community of palaeontologists. 

(2) The Journal Lethaia is adopted, by arrangement with the Lethaia Foundation, as a formal publication outlet of the Association. 

(3) Membership Dues and Terms are fixed as follows: 

(a) Corporate Member:?Corporate Members pay annual dues at a minimum level of US $7.50 for each 100 full members of the society or organization, or voluntarily at a higher level of $15, $30, etc., per 100 full members of the society or organization.?Annual dues are payable on January 1 of each year. 

(b) Individual Subscribing Member: Subscription by an individual to an IPA journal shall constitute Subscribing Membership in the Association.?A portion of the subscription is designated for IPA dues. 

(d) Individual Ordinary Members pay annual dues of USA $5.00 directly to the Treasurer.?To save costs of invoicing, currency exchange, etc., it is recommended that dues be paid in advance for five or more years at one time.?Life Members may pay a one-time fee of US $100, and no further renewal is necessary. 

(4) Directories.?The Directory of Palaeontologists of the World, the Directory of Fossil Collections of the World, PaleoLink, and such other directories as the Association may prepare will be in electronic form and maintained and presented on the Association's web site []. 

(5) Amendment.?These By-Laws may be amended by a majority of the Council, provided that the proposed amendments have been circulated to the Council at least three months before a vote is taken.